To clear your doubt on these questions:

1. Is education for money or for assertiveness?
2. Why is trade education important
3. How unlearn unlocks 21th century problems.
Click on the two links below to get the answers.
If have any question, Frances Lillian Bynum and Potable shall be available to answer through our website blog:…/episo…/Why-is-Education-Important-e20hf8…/episodes/Importance-of-Education-e20h1a


Frances Lillian Bynum also known as Sweetlemon is a public affair executive, writer, motivational speaker and the founder of Sweetlemon. She is from Alpharetta, GA, USA. She studied criminal justice in the American International University(AIU). She loves writing, reading, singing, podcasting, family and volunteering.

She is the author of Dancing in Your View, As We Grow, The Lie,  to name a few.

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