To our audience, uhm, I remain your host Potable here in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria . While our cohost is Mr. Heath and he is in New England, USA.

Today’s episode is EDUTAINMENT.

Mr. Heath please tell us a little about yourself?

Uhm, yeah I run a show called Morning Mangami. I do it for a company called Mangami. I am a podcaster just like you Potable. Thanks for having me on the show. That is me in a nutshell.

Thank you very much

To our audience, this show is brought by Innovative Mindset Initiative and Mangami, collaboration between USA and Nigeria.  And our cohost is Mr. Heath and I remain your host Potable.

Mr. Heat, please what is the meaning of edutainment?

Uhm, from what I know about the concept, is really just a way to educate through entertainment in order to make education a more enjoyable one because if you think about getting educated and going to school, to most people, it is like a drag. It’s like they don’t want to go and do it.

Ok, that is great. Thanks for that elaborate explanation.

Can edutainment help to facilitate early child education?

Uhm, yes, I think it can. I think you have that thing like children shows and stuff like that just like uh, do you know who Dora the explorer is?

I don’t think so.

It is a children cartoon. It engages the children to solve problems with Dora. I absolutely think that education can stay in coming up with edutainment.

Has edutainment really helped to improve education in 21st century?

Uhm, I think there are forms of it out there that have helped education in 21st century. I think they have the big role of education going on from 21st century, like everybody has a screen in front of them, you know, it makes it more accessible. I don’t know if it really helps to improve so much as to change the game.

Alright, you know here in Africa we have many countries still developing and some are still underdeveloped; do you think schools in Africa should adopt edutainment?

I think that they should adopt forms of it. But I think there is a part of it that you have to be careful with because it really depends on who is making the edutainment. They could skew it to whatever way they think. Well, as a teacher in class room and learning is really vital for them because their teacher is there with them every day and it is more hands on for them with the kids. You know what I mean? I think for some of it, for sure there should be edutainment. But I don’t think it should be adopted as the core curriculum.

Ok, talking about development; do you think edutainment helps a country to develop?

I think it can. I think it absolutely can help them develop. Also it is something you cannot completely trust a hundred percent because it can be turned into propaganda, just as easily as it can be used for edutainment. This is an example.

Ok, we know that United States of America is a developed country; do you think that edutainment has played a role in developing United States of America?

Uhm, uh, I think in a way yeah it has. Uh, but I think it is really clear right now with the state of America’s political climate. I think that if you are learning through edutainment, it can be swayed to somebody’s opinion. It is like personal thinking more than actual fact or learning. It is like being able to take concept, complicated theories, being able to do something with them, change the world, go create something new and invent something. It is kind of hard to say that it has big role. I also think the idea of edutainment has been around for a while, but it is being a lot more flushed out within the last couple of years.

Ok, what about the invention of computer; has it really helped to improve the world and make the world come close?

It has connected us.

How can one benefit from edutainment?

Everybody learns differently and a majority of people do through a form of edutainment because it is so easy. The whole concept of is for it to be entertaining and enjoyable while you are learning. It is importance because it is easy for people across the world to tune into because it’s being entertaining and enjoyable for learning as compared to sitting down, reading a book and taking a test at the end of the week. You know what I mean?

Yeah, I get you correctly.

Alright, thank you very much Mr. Heath. It is good having you on this show.

Thank you for having me.

I know our audience have learnt a lot and if you want to know more and if you didn’t hear Mr. Heath clearly, you can get in touch us on our website blog; Click on our blog, it shall be available on Monday. Any other question you need to ask, you can ask Mr. Heath through the comment page so that he can attend to you. Thank you very much for this great show and I believe that our audience have learnt a lot and those that have not connected yet will learn a lot when we send it to our blog. Thank you very much, Mr. Heath.

Thank you, Potable.

Thank you very much.



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More information about Mr Heath:

Heath LaBombard simply known as Heath is from New England, USA. He is a film maker and music video director. He is a martial art instructor and he studied motion picture, movie and television production in the Academy of Art University, San Fransisco California. He is the producer and director of the movie Dorm Zombies. He likes podcasting.





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