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We have Sonitalks on our talk show today.

I want you to tell us a little about yourself?

My name Is Ewere Sonia Aisosa and  I am the producer of The Sonitalks Podcast. I am a youth driver, productivity coach, a writer, a public speaker, also an advocate for children and less privilege.

It is so great to know that a young lady is doing something great.

Are you married?

No, I am not married.

Guys, she is not married. Contact IMI for her contact.


Our topic today is sharing.

What is sharing?

Well, I will like to define sharing according to my own definition. I see sharing as giving a portion of what you have to others. It is a life skill. I used the word skill because it is something everybody needs to learn how to do. Not everybody is born with the ability to share. It is very vital for us to learn how to share.

Can you tell us the benefit of sharing?

Well, ohm, sharing makes you feel good. Whenever you share, especially when you are going through tribulation and feel some burden you feel relieved. Whenever you share there is oxytocin hormone that is released in your brain. It helps to relieve you from stress. It makes you feel alive; you become happy whenever you share.

A good one.

Why do people hate sharing?

One of the reasons why people don’t like sharing is because they feel they will share their knowledge. They don’t want to share what they got with money. If you don’t share, all the information will get clustered all over your brain and you will not grow.

Why do people hate sharing people’s publication and work on social media?

It is based on hatred. They don’t want to see the publisher make progress. They don’t want you to feel important.

How does sharing make one productive?

Sharing makes someone productive in the sense that sometime you get to share what you know. When you share, you get to learn from it. Sometimes you get to learn that your view on what you shared was wrong.

Why is sharing on social media important?

It is very important because it helps the publisher to know their audience. It boosts the publisher’s moral to do more and learn more. Sharing somebody’s work on social media helps to make the world a better place and helps the publisher to reach a global audience.

Have you ever gained from sharing someone’s work on social media and sharing generally?

Yes, I have gained a lot. But the one that stands out is the one that happened last week Thursday. On Thursday, I just happened to promote a book lunch, not knowing the book lunch was on Friday. Immediately I promoted the book lunch, the author came to my in box and told me to host the book lunch. After hosting the book lunch, the book of three thousand naira was delivered to me free. That is one of the benefits I have gotten from sharing. By sharing I have been recognized by people I don’t even know. So sharing goes a long way to help.

This is a good testimony. Guys, go out there and start sharing. Social media is not for selfish people.

What are the importance of likes and comments on works, publications and articles?

Your likes and comments are very important to articles on social media both offline and online. Commending somebody is very important. If you see something good, try to tell the person this is good. Even when you don’t feel it is good, just say something nice. I will also encourage us to use the emotion button. You have love, happy and laugh button. When you are reading somebody’s work put down what added value to you. It encourages the publisher to do more.

Thank you. This is like a feedback. Everybody needs feedback to grow and sharing gives us happiness.

‘’By giving the people the power to share, we are making to world more transparent’’

 –Mark Zuckerberg.

We are bringing the world closer to us by sharing. Thank you very much for this piece. We appreciate loads  for coming to our show.

Thank you very much.

Alright, this is your host POTABLE we have come to the end of this program, sharing. Our cohost is no other person than SONITALKS. Thank you very much once again and have a great day, bye.



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